DSIL's General Case Management provides services to people of all disabilities.  The case manager provides advocacy and assists in access to and coordinating services, resources and supports in the community to maximize the individual's independence in the community.  DSIL’s case management creates an Independent Living Plan (ILP) by performing an assessment of the needs of its consumers (people with disabilities) and sets personal goals for each consumer. Through this ILP, goals and objectives are tracked and reassessed regularly, or as needed.


Case Management

DSIL's Education and Case Management is designated to advocate for students in the school system.  Our education advocate focuses on the rights of students with disabilities.  Our representative will attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meetings with the parents, along with advocating in and attending Mediation and Manifestation Hearings.  DSIL also assists with Transition Services in the schools and PATH Planning.  Our advocate educates parents and students regarding disability rights and laws in the public school systems as well as delivering "how to" tools to become effective self advocates.  DSIL provides these services for students of all disabilities from Pre-K to age 22.

Department of Children and Families Access Partnership:  DSIL is a community agency that is part of the DCF ACCESS Network, an Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency.  DSIL consumers can access public assistance services, i.e., food stamps, Medicaid, and temporary cash assistance.  DSIL consumers can get the status of their case, get a list of the items they need to return for the completion of their assessments, get the date and time of their scheduled appointments, and DSIL can print out the consumer's temporary Medicaid card.  This partnership allows DSIL to circumvent the sometimes time consuming task of contacting DCF for simple answers. 

A unique service DSIL's General Case Management provides is Peer Counseling.  Peer Counseling is provided by a person with a disability to a person with a disability.

disAbility Solutions for Independent Living, Inc. a 501C(3) organization.


People are like a box of Crayons:

Outside they look different,

 inside they are all the same.


Executive Director

Ms. Julie Shaw

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Education Advocate

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Case Manager