Students and Seniors


Special Projects

DSIL offers opportunities for high school or college students who need Community Service Hours or Seniors who are retired but would still like to work in the community in a meaningful capacity.  We are always looking for help with our basic office and administrative duties, regardless of your age, skill level or experience.

Volunteer Opportunities


During the course of the year, DSIL applies for grants in order to build ramps for people who would like access to the outside world and without these ramps would not otherwise have that access.  When  we build these ramps, we are always looking for both  experienced contractors and construction laborers as well as non experienced people who are willing to get dirty and learn a new skill, while having a life changing experience for both themselves and the person receiving the ramp.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:


Disability Mentoring Day


We are looking for Volunteers to be Mentors for people with disabilities, who are job seekers.  As a Mentor, you would allow someone to shadow you during your work day, so he/she could experience a workday in your field.  If interested, please contact Kristine at


disAbility Solutions for Independent Living, Inc. a 501(c)3


DSIL also has a need for professionals to volunteer their services.

  We would appreciate any  professional occupation volunteering to help us better assist our diverse consumers, whether it be in the field of counseling, medical supplies, music therapy, tutoring of such skills as computer, GED, Reading, etc...  and many, more!  If you feel your field of expertise would benefit our consumers and you're willing to give some of your precious time, please let us know!